Brand New Wing Ding Donors

Thank you for your interest in the Whale Foundation.

The Whale Foundation’s mission is to provide a network of support services, including confidential access to mental and physical healthcare professionals designed to restore, promote and celebrate the well being of the Grand Canyon River Guiding Community. Our programs include a 1-800 Helpline and free counseling services, an annual scholarship, and financial assistance with physical health services and insurance.

We welcome donations to our annual fundraiser and silent auction, the Wing Ding. We celebrate every year the last Saturday of February at the Coconino Center for the Arts (CCA). The Wing Ding is not only a silent auction it is a dinner, concert and party all wrapped into one celebration which is open to the public. The items accepted range from arts and crafts, outdoor gear and clothing, donated services, and gift certificates. We are certainly open to any gift you think is appropriate for a silent auction.

A donation to the Wing Ding offers local businesses, artists, and craftsmen the opportunity to promote their services to our community. Of course, it also helps the Foundation to continue to offer our programs as well. If you would like to make an item donation to the Wing Ding just call the number below and ask for an Item Donation Form to be sent to your address. Auction items must be received by February 1.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and thank you once again.

John Napier

Executive Director


The Whale Foundation is a non-profit organization and your donation is deductible to the full extent of the law, EIN number 86-0941775.


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