What Happens When I Call?

If you are experiencing an immediate emergency, please call 911.

Do you feel uncertain about the process of contacting the Whale Foundation and talking to one of our healthcare professionals?

This step-by-step guide will help!

When you phone the Whale Foundation Helpline (877-44-WHALE), you’ll reach our answering service and a recording set up to allow our return call to you as soon as possible. You must leave your first name and a phone number for this to happen. Please note that if you call on a cell phone, be sure you are in a full reception range so your message doesn’t break up. If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours something has gone wrong. Sometimes a cell phone connection can be lost during recording, sometimes a person leaves a number that has been disconnected. This is why we tell people it is their responsibility to call again so please, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, call again and leave a second message.

  • The Helpline call itself does NOT replace 911 or work as a counseling “Hotline.” Its purpose is to help find the best healthcare provider for you.
  • The caseworker that returns your call will talk to you about your situation and your concerns. This will help him or her to better understand your needs and determine which healthcare professional would be best for you.
  • Once the caseworker refers you to a healthcare provider associated with the Whale Foundation, you can make arrangements to see that person.
  • If you cannot pay for services, the Whale Foundation will pay for 10 hours of mental health counseling. If you can pay for any portion of it, however, the Whale Foundation will ask that you cover what you are able.
  • If your care extends beyond 10 hours, you may make arrangements with your health care provider to continue treatment at your expense. If unusual circumstances exist, a client can apply for further assistance.

Please remember that all information you provide remains confidential.

Toll-Free Help Line: 877-44WHALE (1-877-449-4253).