Networking and Support Services

communityThe Whale Foundation provides networking, education, referral and information services to the professional river guide community to assist these individuals in an array of situations. These services are provided confidentially to professional river guides, active and retired, their immediate family members and company staff. Specifically, we can help individuals find affordable health care plans and doctors that can offer particular care, explore mental health services that may be outside the parameters of our regular programs, or even help organize a food drive for someone who is recovering from an illness. We have access to many members of our community who are skilled in a diversity of fields and have offered to help those in need. Please don’t hesitate to call our business line and ask the Executive Director if they can be of assistance.

Office -928-774-9440


We also offer Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) to Grand Canyon Outfitters. 

The Whale Foundation has traditionally provided counselor referral services to outfitters that have suffered a serious incident or a fatality on one of their river trips. Unfortunately, this past season there were several incidents that required coordinating these services. This is a brief summary of services that the Whale Foundation provides and an explanation of the procedure to initiate Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD).

 Entire Trip Services

 The Whale Foundation can assist an outfitter seeking CISD services for the passengers of their trip by connecting them with a counselor. While our resources are limited, we have a list of counselors that may be able to schedule services with short notice. It is important to note that The Whale Foundation acts solely as an emergency referral service and it is the company’s responsibility to compensate the provider.

On-the-river services are rare but possible with the cooperation and assistance of the Park Service. It is more common to provide services to passengers as the trip comes to an end. The logistics required to provide such services shall be negotiated between the outfitter and the provider with the understanding that each provider may stipulate their own requirements. These could include:

  • Designation of site to deliver services
  • Time allotted for delivery of services
  • Travel to and from site
  • Payment for services

 Crew only Services

 The Whale Foundation can support outfitters in planning a CISD session during which the crew may receive services as a group. If it is possible to schedule, this service is free of charge and the Whale Foundation will compensate the provider of services directly. Please be aware that our regular services are always available to individual crew members through the 1-800-Helpline.


 If you require CISD services and you are an outfitter or a representative of a commercial entity, please call our Helpline at 1-877-449-4253 (1-877-44WHALE) and leave a message for a case manager to call you back. This will be the quickest way to get a response. Please make a second call to John Napier at 928-774-9440 as this may expedite a coordination of our services. Please understand that these services are in no way guaranteed and are completely dependent on finding a provider that can meet your schedule requirements. All services provided are confidential and covered under client/counselor privilege.