Discount Prescription Drug Options

If you need to purchase prescription drugs, the Whale Foundation suggests two ways to save money: A prescription drug card and/or discount generic drug programs through Walmart/ Sams Club, Bashas, Frys and Target.

  • Click here to see a PDF of available prescription drugs at Target
  • Click here to see a PDF of available prescription drugs at Walmart

Prescription drug card

The Whale Foundation and Jeff Marston of the Resource Centers for Management, Inc is providing USA Drug Plan’s discount prescription drug cards available FREE to the river community. Our extended family and friends can use these cards as well. A portion of the proceeds from the drug sales will be contributed to the WF. If you are in Flagstaff, you can pick up a card at the Whale Foundation office (515 West Birch) or you can download and print a card at

Here are the general details of the program:

  • Instant application or use of the card – no activation required.
  • The card can be used repeatedly for pharmacy purchases.
  • All persons in any given household can use it – no subscriber name required.
  • An average savings of 15% on brand name drugs.
  • An average savings of 46% on generic drugs.
  • About 80% of most national pharmacies accept this card. (Target, Walmart/Sam’s Club, Safeway, Frys, Walgreens, K-Mart, Albertsons and others.)
  • Drug pricing and pharmacy location information is available on the program website (

To test the program benefits, a member of the Whale Foundation Board of Directors used the drug card at Sam’s Club last summer and saved approximately 25% on his prescription medications.

Discount generic drug programs

Walmart stores and Target offer common generic drugs for $4 for a one month supply. Many different types of medications are included in these plans. Simply bring in the prescription issued by your physician to the pharmacy at Wal-Mart, Target, Frys, Bashas, or Sam’s Club and ask if it is one of the medications covered under the $4 drug program. You don’t need to have insurance for this program, and even if you do, the charge for the drug is still only $4 if it is one of the drugs on the program list. Drugs available through these programs are listed on the Whale Foundation website.