Myers Briggs Test & The Strong Test

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Sociologists have determined that there are 16 distinct personality types. The most widely used personality inventory in the world; the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument provides an accurate picture of a person’s personality type. The MBTI instrument determines preferences on four dichotomies;

Extroversion-Introversion: describes where people prefer to focus their attention and get their energy-from the outer world of people and activity or their inner world of ideas and experiences

Sensing-Intuition: describes how people prefer to take in information-from what is real and actual or on patterns and meanings in data

Thinking-Feeling: describes how people prefer to make decisions- based on logical analysis or guided by concern for their impact on others

Judging-Perceiving: describes how people prefer to deal with the outer world-in a planned orderly way or in a flexible spontaneous way

In the wake of today’s rapid-change job market, the Strong Interest Inventory provides you with a solid, dependable career planning tool. The Strong measures your interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities and school subjects. Its validity and reliability far exceed those of any other interest inventory.

Sample size is 13 times larger than that of other career planning inventories

Sample base represents a wide range of educational, ethnic and socioeconomic levels

Instrument includes results on 25 basic interests, 109 contemporary occupations and 4 personality styles

The Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory may help you plan each step of a career path with one goal in mind: to match your interests with a career. The Strong is a good resource for any professional who helps people make career decisions, including:

  • People considering a career change
  • Employees seeking more satisfying work within an organization
  • Students exploring career options
  • Organizations looking to retain star performers and key staff
  • Midlife and older adults planning their retirement