Do You Need a Life Coach?

by Norm Shrewsbury

Consider working with a Life Coach.

Life coaching takes guidance counseling and career testing to another level. It is a pro-active approach to making lasting positive improvements in your life.

In the process of researching options for career planning and transitioning we met retired river guide and life/business coach Norm Shrewsbury. His talk about “transitioning” at the spring 2003 Guide’s Training Seminar sponsored by Grand Canyon River Guides and the Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association was well received. Norm lives in Flagstaff, AZ. He has generously offered his services to guides either in person or by phone on a discounted basis.

Norm Shrewsbury is a graduate of Coach U and has been coaching fulltime since 1999. He has a background in wilderness guiding, photography, and business consulting.

If you would like to get a snap shot of you life right now check out his “Sphere of Life” found on the Home page of his website. It was a hit in his talk at the Guides Training Seminar.

If you would like to talk to Norm please call or email now for a free interview and guide discounts. Visit his web site at to learn more about coaching and decide if it is right for you.

Personal coaching is a highly tuned process of communication and solution generation. The relationship is co-creative and focused entirely on your interests, challenges, and goals. It is a supportive relationship for those who live life on their own terms, and want more meaning and fewer struggles in their lives and relationships.

Life Coaching vs. Therapy

Life Coaches work with clients who want a detached partner to help them evolve and enhance their lives. Coaches see their client’s brilliance, strengths and areas in need of development and are trained to support you to achieve a desired outcome. Coaches encourage awareness, acceptance and self-discipline. Growth is based on the premise you can’t control or change anyone beyond yourself. Coaches use personal experience as a tool to catalyze and challenge your habits and beliefs.

Therapists work with clients who need professional help to work towards healing, recovery, and issue resolution. Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences trained to treat diagnosable conditions. Therapists are required to keep their personal feelings and thoughts removed.

Norm says, “In my coaching I typically focus on what the client wants to accomplish in their career or personally in the future. Some clients work concurrently with a therapist, on different issues. My clients are “well” individuals who have generally accepted their past and have full focus on their present and future. I work with individuals who take responsibility and benefit from accountability”

People who hire a Personal Life Coach

  • are ready to put themselves first and create something new and more fulfilling.
  • are in transition between careers, relationships, roles, lifestyles.
  • need to find more energy, time and money to do what they want.
  • need structure, focus, organizational skills, and a kind, constructive mirror.
  • have the courage to take risks in order to grow and evolve.
  • want to discover their unique gifts and use them to serve themselves and others.
  • want to grab life with both hands and overcome self-sabotaging patterns.

Why is coaching so popular?

People are less willing to wait for success and happiness. In an increasingly fast-paced life, successful people realize they need more support.

Why does coaching work?

People need unbiased feedback, support and brain storming to grow and change.

Why hire a coach?

To change, reach a goal, solve a problem, get a second opinion without a second agenda.

How long has coaching been in existence?

Modern coaches evolved from the industrial and sports psychologists in the 50’s and 60’s. All-star athletes, business leaders, and cutting edge thinkers realized the study of peak performance had real applications in their career for success, growth, and personal satisfaction.

What credentials do coaches have?

Most professional coaches have graduated from an extensive training program. There are certifying organizations like Coach U and CoachVille. Coaches often bring tremendous life experience as well.

Where do the coach and client first focus?

Usually the client already knows what they want to accomplish, and we begin there. Norm offers assessment tools as well to better understand both your life or career situation, and current needs.

How soon can the client expect to see results?

Usually during the first session, though it takes some clients a bit of processing to really integrate the changes in their lives. Their attitude will improve, they get working on something they have been stuck with, or they’ll make an important change quickly. The cumulative life changing benefits can be amazing.

How is coaching different from consulting?

Consultants are brought in to analyze a situation, and make recommendations. People utilize me to help them reach goals and/or to provide support and advice, either with individuals, or with groups in an organization. Research has shown after one year that coaching is 80% effective: consulting alone, only about 15%.

How much do coaches charge?

Fees vary and may be based on a sliding scale starting around $100 per month for 2 or 3 sessions, usually once a week, plus between sessions “just in time support”.

How do I know coaching is working?

Do you see measurable life improvements? Are you achieving your goals quickly and recognizing personal shifts in your attitude and actions?
Are you feeling happier and more successful in what you really value?

Norm’s Guarantee:

I am committed to assisting you in successfully transforming your life and offer this conditional guarantee: If you demonstrate that you have completed all assignments (written and other wise), attended all coaching sessions, and are unsatisfied with your results, you may be refunded up to 100% of your fee.

(Note: Specific monetary results cannot be guaranteed.)

If you would like to talk to Norm about your career development please call now for a free interview.

Norm Shrewsbury
Flagstaff, Arizona

The Whale Foundation can, in no way, guarantee results from these programs