Career Guidance Services

Currently the Whale Foundation has one guidance counselor “in residence” so to speak and access to others. He is a veteran Grand Canyon river guide with an MA in Education and Guidance Counseling and has transitioned from the river to continue his practice. His true love inside the river industry was Experiential Outdoor Education and he was a facilitator of Alternative Education Programs for Outward Bound and others.

He was inspired to join the Whale Foundation to aid our efforts to help other guides in the often difficult and uncertain path of transitioning from the river to other pursuits. If any guides would like to talk privately about this subject he would be happy to share his experience and understanding.

If you’d like to talk to someone about your ideas or just “where do I go from here”, call the Whale Foundation at 1-877-44-WHALE. We see this service as one with potential, if there is a demand. We will continue to develop ideas and paths to help guides enjoy life off the river as much as on the river.